Interior Design: How Trendy is too Trendy?

Trends can be a tricky topic. When trying to make decisions regarding your practice buildout and finishes, it is hard to balance the task of making your space trendy, yet also timeless. How do you maneuver the trends of today while planning for the next 20 years?

1. Build a neutral foundation

Create a foundation that will allow flexibility later. What makes up your finish foundation? We like to refer to these products as anything that is adhered to your building such as flooring, cabinetry, countertops, and any built-in accents. These can make or break the longevity of a trendy space. Due to cost and timely installation, these products will most likely be with you for the long haul, so selecting neutral, timeless designs will be imperative to avoid a hefty renovation sooner rather than later.

However, we don’t want to create a completely basic space. Think of implementing your foundation products in an 80/20 split; 80% of your foundation should be neutral, while 20% can be those bolder colors and patterns. For example, your main flooring that runs throughout your practice could be a neutral wood tone, and a carpet inset in waiting could be a highly colorful geometric print. Replacing the small area of carpet in your waiting is not only less costly, but it will also disrupt your business and patient experience less than replacing the flooring that runs through your clinical halls and treatment rooms.

2. Texture over pattern

Texture and pattern go a long way in giving a space personality. Patterns can be tricky as they tend to relate to a specific trend. Unless a pattern is a classic like plaid, damask, botanical, or stripes, incorporating trendy patterns like chevron, animal print, or bold geometrics should be left to the accent pieces. Textures add that extra layer of design but do not instantly call back to a specific time or style.

3. Create a focal point

In any space, it is important to dedicate a visual that the room is balanced around. A focal piece could be a fireplace, large picture windows, artwork, or an eye-catching material finish such as wallcovering or tile. Once you identify what focal point best fits your space, incorporate your trend. Since the room balances around this piece, the color or stylistic element will feel like a larger part of the room’s narrative.

4. Splurge on the accents

If there is a specific color, stylistic piece, or pattern that you are dying to use in your space, incorporate this in your accents. Accent pieces like artwork, décor, lighting and smaller-scaled furniture are great for bringing in a trendy, personalized touch. Without these items, a space can feel cold or unfinished.

5. Invest in your furniture

To make a space feel timeless, invest in quality furniture. Since dental is a high-traffic business, we recommend utilizing commercial-grade furniture. The high-quality nature of commercial furniture and fabric will bring a sense of purpose and investment to your practice that lower-grade, more residential furniture can distract from. When selecting commercial furniture, always look at the lines of the piece. Clean design will never go out of style so fill a majority of your space with the more classic designs, and thoughtfully place a few key stylized pieces such as an ottoman or side chair for a trendy accent. With commercial pieces, furniture can most always be reupholstered so similar to how you select the furniture design, stick to basics, but throw a fun pop or two in the upholstery.