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Ask a Designer: 5 Trend Shifts from the Last 5 Years

Between the pandemic and advancements in technology, the dental field has seen some major shifts over the last five years. Our designers have shared a few of their favorite design shifts that support a re-imagined dental space of the future.  Kait Hegewald Large Digital Labs

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Ask a Designer: Top Trends in Colors For 2023

Color is one of the most powerful tools in interior design. It can transform a cold and sterile environment into a bright and inviting environment; it simply takes the right blend of saturation and hues. Color is more than just something we see; it can

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Ask a Designer: Favorite and Top Trending Material Products

With countless different products to choose from and vendors to work with, selecting finishes for an office could become overwhelming. However, after years in the industry, our designers have identified some go-to products perfect for dental (and a few new favorites, too!)  Kait Hegewald Carpeting

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