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Combination General and Oral Surgery Practice

In this large, uniquely-shaped 4,018 square foot combination of General and Oral Surgery practice, the designer used distinct zoning to create optimal circular flow and efficiency. This practice implemented key features for a seamless patient experience from the separate entry and exit to the fully

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Creating an Open Feel in a Small Space

Often our designers are given small- scale plans and asked to make the most of the footprint. Here are a few ways to make tight space appear bigger both through space planning and interior design. Space Planning Tips Glass Walls Glass walls are advantageous because

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Benefits of a Comprehensive Interior Design Service

There are several advantages to working with a full-service interior design consultation group. Specifically, working with a partner that specializes in your line of work is pivotal to harnessing expert knowledge, experience, and background to lead you to success. If you are working through dental

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Effective Zoning in an Orthodontic Practice

Orthodontic practices are special in the dental industry in that they meet with patients for a much shorter amount of time. This creates a fast-paced environment with high chair turnover. However, when onboarding patients or discussing treatment planning, a calmer, more focused environment is required.

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Reducing Patient Dental Anxiety

Unlike other fears like spiders, flying, or public speaking, dentophobia, or fear of going to the dentist, is a much broader anxiety. It encompasses the entire practice, not just one part like a drill or taking an x-ray. And, for good overall health, going to

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Space Saving Solutions in a Pediatric Practice

Large pediatric practices can be hectic places if not planned appropriately. In 5,000 square feet, zoning is vital for an efficient flow of patients and staff. This office prioritized the patient experience by splitting the practice into two. On one side is a traditional pediatric

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