Technology-Driven 4,041 SF Ortho Practice

This 4,041-square-foot orthodontics practice is designed for seamless efficiency with mirrored, 4-chair bays and robust clinical support in between. Through thoughtful planning, effective zoning, and key design details, this practice supports an enhanced patient and staff experience. 

Public Zone

This practice has opted for a tech-lead check-in process with a row of kiosks in replacement of a large reception desk. Large sliding windows are positioned on each side of the logo for easy access to a team member if assistance is required. 

There is a section of waiting to either side of the entrance. To the right is a kid’s area and to the left is high-top seating. This allows for some separation of older and younger patients or accompanying guests. 

On either side of the business desk is a large consult room and a semi-private consult or check-out station. Self-checkout and reappointment align with a more self-guided approach like the check-in process. This alleviates the need for additional staff at the front end of the office. However, if assistance is needed, another sliding window is positioned in between the two self-guided stations with a team member there to support. 

Clinical Zone

Transitioning into the clinical zone, this practice contains a large ortho bay with eight chairs and central support. There are semi-private privacy dividers for some separation between patients. Each side of the bay is equipped with brushing stations for easy patient access.

An imaging alcove and photography room are positioned at the front, central entrance of the bay. Behind those spaces in the heart of the practice is a galley-style sterilization center. There are two workstations with storage beneath, either closed cabinetry or easy cart docking. Across from sterilization is a lab and bulk storage closet. Behind those is an even larger bulk storage closet with dual entry from either side of the practice.  

Private Zone

Lastly, the final third of the office is the private zone. This area is completely closed off from the rest of the practice. This space houses a shared private office, staff restroom, dental and building mechanicals, bulk storage, and staff lounge. There are also laundry and lockers placed along the hall to the staff lounge for convenience. In the lounge is a small, flexible workstation for staff members or itinerant specialists. The lounge is also large enough for all-team huddles or training sessions. 

This office showcases a great use of self-guided technology to assist with the front-end practice procedures. These designs support high-production practices for increased efficiency while prioritizing the patient experience. 

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