Our Philosophy on Dental Design

No two dental offices should be identical. Rather than following an algorithm, our design team is invested in learning the individual practitioner’s goals and patient care styles. We strive to align our design approach to a broad spectrum of trends in the design industry, with a special focus on healthcare. We recognize four key guideposts to accommodate for an enhanced user experience for both patients and the dental team.


Invest in your patients and your team. Create an environment that is accessible for all with an emphasis on patient education and well-being.


Accommodate for a wider range of uses. Allow your practice to adapt and grow with the changing climate of healthcare and patient needs.


Incorporate technology that supports your level of patient care and sets you apart from others. Advance your practice to be on the cutting edge of treatment.


Design a space that builds trust. Grant your guests the right to personal space and privacy while engaging through thoughtful services and amenities.

Our Practice Philosophies

These four guideposts of Wellness, Flexibility, Technology, and Comfort are woven into all three practice philosophies with additional practice management and patient care styles represented in each. When thinking about which philosophy aligns best with your practice, consider your patient base, geographical location, and service offerings. 

Perfect for the practitioner striving for familiarity, a Traditional philosophy caters to a welcoming, family-centric atmosphere. Design solutions emphasize a sense of community and a personable touch.

Key Components: Typical Reception & Waiting  |  Multi-Purpose Spaces  |  Flexible Treatment

For a practitioner seeking an exclusive, VIP experience, a Concierge style practice is built for luxury and personal comfort like a high-end hotel or spa. Design solutions emphasize the patient experience and first-rate amenities.

Key Components: Minimized Front Reception  |  Large Treatment Suites  |  Additional Amenities

Consider the Self-Guided philosophy for a casual and independent patient experience embracing today’s technology and individual control. These designs support high-production practices for increased efficiency while prioritizing the patient experience. 

Key Components: Consultation Options  |  New Patient Zone  |  Digital Check-In & Out

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