General Practice with Integrated Esthetician Office

This 6,054 square-foot general practice is more than what meets the eye. In this office layout is a small esthetician space, offering additional service opportunities for their patients. This small footprint can be a huge benefit to drumming up interest and business. Check out how the designer placed this additional space seamlessly in the typical dental flow. 

Public Zone

The practice entry is spacious with zoned seating areas and an angled desk for a natural break between check-in and check-out. Through the clinical door is a product display and benching for a convenient seat if there is queuing at checkout.  Behind the business desk are decorative slats that peek through to the consultation room. Also, off this hall is a shared office administrator office and a business manager office. 

Beyond consultation is a secondary waiting space, specific to the esthetician services. This is ideal for creating a more luxurious, exclusive experience, separate from a routine dental visit. 

Clinical Zone

Just beyond the business office is the beginning of the clinical zone with the imaging alcove. This is positioned between the two treatment halls for convenient access.

Turning right from imaging is a short, private hall that is perfect for the esthetician space. In addition to waiting, there is a small Botox room and a multi-purpose room with a full dental chair for longer, more in-depth facial services. In a pinch, this room could work for an overflow dental space. Across from this amenity room is a larger, private quiet treatment room. This is beneficial to place in this private hall for reduced hustle and bustle.

Turning back towards the imaging alcove are the eleven, identical treatment rooms placed around the central clinical support spaces. These include a galley-style sterilization, a large lab, storage closets, and a cart docking center with a workstation above. The circulation in this space ensures there is no bottlenecking with the high flow of patients in and out. 

Private Zone

The private zone or staff-centric spaces are located in the back, left section of the practice. There are two entrances to this space. One is located at the front office area across from check-out. There is also a flex room situated at this entrance which could support miscellaneous business needs such as overflow consult, check-out, or even private waiting when appropriate. This hall continues behind a line of treatment rooms to connect with the back hall of the clinical circulation. This is convenient for staff to not have to always enter or exit near the front office space in view of patients.  

Housed in the staff zone are two private offices, a large lounge space, as well as a separate changing and laundry space from the restroom. Personal locking storage is another thoughtful touch for the team. 

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