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Ask a Designer: Favorite and Top Trending Material Products

With countless different products to choose from and vendors to work with, selecting finishes for an office could become overwhelming. However, after years in the industry, our designers have identified some go-to products perfect for dental (and a few new favorites, too!) 

Kait Hegewald


J+J Flooring Group has an excellent variety of mixed neutral carpets that are very versatile. They can transform a space with their rich designs for a high-end look. 


Rachel LeDuc


Wallcovering is a great way to add interest to a space, and it does not need to be expensive! I often go to MDC Interior Solutions for some of my favorite patterns and covers, specifically under the LEN-TEX Contract. I recently used the pattern Aislinn in color Sonder and it was absolutely stunning!

Renee Susami


We’ve all seen the trendy wood wall installs that are a perfect design feature for drawing your eye through a room. MDC designed a product called Zintra Sticks that achieves this trendy look while also providing sound-dampening qualities. It’s a great two-for-one! The installation is also super simple with brackets that allow the sticks to lock in place. Plus, this product comes in all the standard colors as MDC’s Zintra product so you don’t have to stick with just a wood look. 

Cindi Matt

Acoustical Products

The most forgotten part of designing an office is the sound. I love incorporating sound-softening features such as decorative acoustical wall accessories. They come in many shapes, colors, and configurations. They are also an excellent opportunity for zoning, wayfinding, or incorporating branding colors in the space. 

Robyn Connors


Virginia Tile has some great new lines they are carrying, including WOW Tile which has some fun, trendy options. With the right tile, a small installation can go a long way in livening up a space!

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