Get Inspired: Best Resources for Interior Design Ideas

Deciding what you want your dental office to look like can be difficult. With so many design aesthetics, color palettes, and features to choose from, it can be hard to carve your own niche with design and branding.  Within our design team, it is our goal to create a concept that is wholly and uniquely yours, while trying to do the same for other clients. So where do we go for inspiration?

Vendor Websites

Vendor websites are great places to not only find products, but also to see how they can be used. Most sites offer a page with case studies and installations that show creative uses of the vendor’s product as well as other design features trending in the market.

Click here for a list of our preferred vendors for dental-friendly products.


Pinterest has been a fan favorite for years, mainly because of the great sourcing of images with a similar focus. The search allows you to find dental-specific images that range from residential, commercial, and medical.

Check out our Pinterest page for dental-specific inspiration boards.


The hit, short-form content platform is a great source for getting a brief look at inspiring spaces. Plus, the more you engage and search for design content, the more you see similar content show up on your For You Page. Find your favorite designers, styles, and color palettes through your favorite creators. The inspiration is never-ending!


Just like TikTok, people love sharing their creations and designs on Instagram and Instagram Reels, so let’s take advantage of the inspiration.

Check out Henry Schein’s Instagram page for shared content on design and all things dental.


Design Shows

It is rare to come across someone who is in the throws of design that hasn’t watched an HGTV show (or two) and that’s great! Design shows are great ways to find unique ways to approach a space, and often will show you the ins and outs of how something can come together. While not all of these shows will have commercial-grade experience, they can be great tools for establishing your desired style or design aesthetic. 

For more design inspiration and trends, check out our design portfolio. Ready to talk about your design ideas with a specialist? Click the image below to be connected with a representative in your area.