Efficient Zoning in a 3440 SF Dental Office

This 3,440 square foot general practice benefits from efficient zoning for an optimized experience for both patients and team members. The designer was able to accomplish this by splitting the practice with treatment and clinical support and creating a core hall central to the practice. 

Public Zone

Incoming patients use the right vestibule door to enter the waiting room. There is a direct path to reception to check in before entering the seating area. Behind the back wall of chairs is a viewing window into the digital lab for showcasing technology and patient education. Past reception and through the clinical door is the main hall that divides the practice in two.

Along this main hall are the check-out stations, a display, and the patient restroom. Patients will be directed to the left to enter the clinical area as the rest of the practice is for team members only.

Clinical Zone

In the clinical zone, there are eight identical dual-entry treatment rooms split into two runs of four. Each room includes a built-in bench seat at the end of the side cabinet for guests or a spot to place personal belongings. Although it is a small element, a built-in piece creates a seamless look and adds intentionality to the space.

Between the two runs are the clinical support spaces. Starting with the entry, there is an imaging alcove showcased with a glass wall. Similarly showcased is the sterilization center. Steri is also dual entry with ample storage under the glass wall. At the end of sterilization are two workstations with cart and technology docking below. Lastly, behind the workstation is a bulk storage closet. The entire clinical space is adorned with a tray ceiling with LED lighting to create soft lighting.

Private Zone

Crossing to the other side of the main hall, we enter the private, team members-only zone. Behind the business office is the shared private office with an en-suite restroom. Next door is the large staff lounge equipped with lockers. A package drop-off station is positioned next to the private staff entrance for easy shipping and delivery away from the front office and patient entrance. The end of the team-only zone is the wet and digital lab. The practice has decided to tuck this in the front corner to reduce noise in the patient-centric areas while also being able to display the technological advancements of the digital lab. A pocket door conveniently hides the potential mess of the lab.

This office took special care to design for the patient and team member experience, maximizing efficiencies and orderliness within the large, rectangular building shell.

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