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Concierge Philosophy

For a practitioner seeking an exclusive, VIP experience, a Concierge style practice is built for luxury and personal comfort like a high-end hotel or spa. Design solutions emphasize the patient’s experience and first-rate amenities.

Patients entering a concierge-style dental practice are greeted with a hospitality-like reception, emphasizing personalized care and attention. The dental team treats the patient like a VIP guest, accommodating their needs and comforts. 

Key Components

Minimal Front Reception

With larger treatment suites, reception and waiting areas can be minimized for just initial check-in as patients are relocated quickly to their private rooms.

Additional Amenities

A concierge design philosophy tailors to longer treatments and VIP experiences. Providing additional services or amenities, whether it be in the treatment room or located nearby, adds a memorable experience and a sense of luxury to the patient’s visit. Some support spaces or services to consider would be teeth whitening, aligners, cosmetic dentistry, massage therapy, and dermatology or cosmetology services. 

Larger Treatment Suites

Private personal rooms are meant to house all practice functions from consultation and treatment to check-out, allowing a patient to settle in and get comfortable. For extended visits, comfy seating, televisions, storage, and work surfaces are also provided to allow for maximum usefulness and entertainment for the patient or accompanying guests.

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