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Self-Guided Philosophy

For a casual and independent patient experience embracing today’s technology and individual control, consider the Self-Guided philosophy. These designs support high-production practices for increased efficiency, while still prioritizing the patient experience.

A self-guided patient experience is ideal for a high-turnover practice with a highly-independent patient base. Patients are active in their scheduling, treatment planning, and payment through a virtual interface, while practitioners are able to invest more resources and time in their patient care. 

Key Components

Digital Check-In & Out

Virtual or kiosk-style check-in and out helps to allow a sense of patient control and minimize up-front management. 

Consultation Options

In order to strive for enhanced efficiency for both the patient and your team, consider providing different consultation options that allow for flexibility. Quick consults can happen in hallway alcoves, followed by patient-driven check-out and re-appointment, while more private and personal consults can happen directly in the treatment room, keeping conversations centralized and time efficient.

New Patient Zone

With the Self-Guided philosophy, new patients will need to become more familiar with the practice operations. Providing a consult-style room that is near technology such as imaging and lab helps onboard patients and walk through the practice advancements and technology.

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