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Traditional Philosophy

Perfect for the practitioner striving for familiarity, a Traditional philosophy caters to a welcoming, family-centric atmosphere. Design solutions emphasize a sense of community and a personable touch.

Patients at a Traditional philosophy dental clinic will appreciate the classic convenience of in-person check-in and out, ample seating in waiting, and easily accessible reception staff. The clinical area is modernized with today’s technology and equipment while serving the widest patient demographic.

Key Components

Reception & Check-Out

Providing personal guidance and interaction from when a patient arrives until they leave, an in-person reception and check-out keeps things familiar while providing easy support.

Multi-Purpose Spaces

A multi-purpose space accommodates traditional needs while allowing the practitioner to adapt and grow. Uses include patient onboarding, consultation, private office, teledentistry, photo and scanning studio, staff collaboration, private family area, and waiting space. 

Flexible Treatment

Flexible treatment suites or pods allow families to stick together with more than one patient receiving treatment at a time. These spaces can also work well for quick hygiene appointments. 

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