Ask a Designer: 5 Trend Shifts from the Last 5 Years

Between the pandemic and advancements in technology, the dental field has seen some major shifts over the last five years. Our designers have shared a few of their favorite design shifts that support a re-imagined dental space of the future. 

Kait Hegewald

Large Digital Labs

Doctors are including labs back into their space, specifically by going digital. These rooms are a great showpiece of the office, letting patients in on the new dental tech and processes.

Large digital lab showcased with glass
Laura Seefeldt

Private Treatment Suites

My favorite trend that is gaining traction is including one larger private treatment room to accommodate families, patients with caregivers, patients who use mobility devices, or patients who may require a more quiet, private environment. 

Up-sized treatment space with a bench for additional guests and space for a mobility device.
Leah Wolters

Clean, Downsized Waiting Rooms

Doctors are putting more emphasis on moving patients back into treatment and downsizing the waiting space. We are seeing more clean lines, less radius-style desks, and less bulk in waiting. 

Tracy Tock

More than General

We are receiving more requests for surgical suites with additional private rooms, nurse stations, and space for an itinerant oral surgeon or dental anesthesiologist. General offices are keeping more in-house to offer an all-inclusive experience for their patients. 

Robyn Connors

Central Clinical Hub

Sterilization is already the heart of the practice, so building in additional clinical needs like cart storage and technology docking just makes sense. You can also gain a staff workspace above the docking station for logging quick notes, submitting orders, or checking schedules. 

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